Storage Prices

Jet Ski & Jet Bike: £40 per month
Jet Boats: £60 per month

  • Storage is subject to availability and pre-booking is required, especially during the Summer months.
  • Monthly standing order payments on a day in the month to suit you are the preferred option and will eliminate any late payment charges.
  • Sit Down Jet Bikes and Jet Boats are stored outside within a secure locked compound within designated bays.
  • Stand-Up Jet Ski’s are stored within steel containers located in secure locked compound.
  • 24hr CCTV and other major security measures are installed around the facility to ensure total peace of mind.
  • Insurance Liability will be with the owner of the ski, although Lagoona Park will maintain satisfactory security precautions.
  • Any changes to details when booking in must be informed immediately to Lagoona Park.
  • Payment is on a monthly basis ideally via standing order but also quarterly via invoice (late payment will incur additional charges).
  • Please note this is storage only – launching and recovery of the ski is the owner’s responsibility even though we will assist if necessary
  • Notification of cancellation/removal (7 days)

Download and complete your form and remember to bring it with you or scan and email back it to us..


Storage Application